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Creative Business Card Design Ideas

Your business card says more about your business than just the name. This is why having the perfect business card is key to your business’s success. A business card gives you the opportunity to build brand awareness, create a lasting impression and show off your creativity. All this is even before you speak and make your pitch.

A business card makes it possible for you to make a big splash with just the look of your card. Here we will discuss some awesome business card designs that will make an impact:

Think Outside the Rectangle

There is no rule that claims that all business cards should be a particular shape. Advancements of technology used in printing mean that it has become easier to take the untraditional business card design.

A uniquely shaped business card acts as a visual content promotion for your brand.

Up the Ante with Foil

A basic business card can be complemented by the foil which transforms it with a touch of the unexpected. A foil is available in various finishes and stocks which makes it easy to incorporate into your existing colour theme.

Think Multidimensional

The idea behind business cards is to create a lasting impression. The best way to do this is to do the unexpected and show what has not been seen before. This makes a strong impression in a simple way and gives you more space for your information.

Make it Clear

Transparent business cards are slowly gaining popularity due to the unique design and visual effects. The material used is durable plastic which means that it will last longer and will not incur any damage.

Retro Rewind

Incorporating vintage aspects to your modern business cards may seem a bit counterintuitive but when combined with new printing methods you will get business cards with a futuristic and fun design.

Gold Is the Way to Go

Gold around the border, in the font or part of your logo inputs that luxury effect to even the most basic and simple business cards.

Shorten Your Message

Editing down your wording and display lets the business card design stand out on its own creating an awesome impression.

Your business card should work for you and your company and using these seven tips you are sure to make the best impression before pitching what your business or company is all about. Business card designs should not stress you out especially with a large number of professional print shops working to make your business the best in the market.