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Create a free website for your business in minutes, with Google

Every business needs a website. There is no question about it. Websites are cheap (literally the least expensive piece of real estate you can buy). When you setup tools online to help streamline your business then some magic can happen too! Some business owners settle for just a Facebook page but this really isn’t enough. Of course it is a good idea to interact with customers on social media (we’re definitely fans of that) but it is equally important to have a web presence – even if just a basic one.

Now you can setup a 100% FREE business website with Google. There is a big push right now to get all businesses more than just a basic profile and with the advancements in the Facebook business pages to include more details rather than just a description and business hours, Google has responded by offering absolutely FREE websites for business owners. You can add photos, posts, customize the design, add business information and hours as well as tie in your social media and even YouTube videos to showcase your products and services. Plus you get the added benefit of showing up frequently in search engines (mainly Google) when you post on your business page through Google.

Setup takes mere minutes and the final results look very good. Even if you already have a website, it is a good idea to setup the FREE business website with Google to increase your exposure in the top search engine. If you have Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics setup then you may have already received an email about your FREE business website with Google.

According to Google “With Google My Business, you can create a simple website that looks great in under ten minutes. It’s completely free, and easy to create and edit from your computer and phone.”. So literally an investment of 10 minutes of your time and you’re up and running – why wouldn’t you take the time? Even if you are super busy, when you stop for your next coffee break just visit the Google Business Pages site and setup your free business website.

Every business in Ottawa should have a website. If you are considering getting some Ottawa website design firm to build your site, why not take a pause and try the new Google business website builder first to see how that works for you.

If you decide you want something more professional and with more customization options then you can get a website design firm in Ottawa such as Creative Designs to help with your Ottawa website design.

It’s super simple to get started, simply visit the link below and you’ll be up and running in 10 minutes!

Get a FREE website for your business in Ottawa: