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Best Practices to Safely and Securely Hang Posters on Your Wall

Putting this title on Google search will get you an almost infinite list of How To’s. All these are handy and all, but you wouldn’t want to send the wrong message. Here are some recommendations that will uplift your look and showcase your posters either in the office, dormitories and even living rooms:

How to Select Your Materials

There are a number of tools that you will need to efficiently hang your poster. You may not even need a hammer. It doesn’t really matter whether you want a classic presentation or the more informal look, you have plenty of options. Putting holes into a house or flat you’ve leased or rented is not the best option but there are options that do not require a hole in your walls.

Strips, plastic eye-holes and hooks are the inexpensive options, all you need to keep in mind is the specified weight limits.

Light-weight pieces

These can be mounted with flat adhesives, poster putty or decorative tacks. However, adhesives may cause a crease or wrinkle on your poster and limit your ability to make changes and adjustments as you may end up damaging your piece and leave nasty looking marks on your walls.

Middle-weight pieces

These include posters with a binder frame. These can be supported by a commercial hanging strip which can be found in most outlets and have a wide range of styles, weight capacities and sizes. For extra stability, it is advisable to pick a higher capacity strip.

Heavy-weight pieces

These include fully framed posters which may need screws or nails. To avoid damage to your wall, make sure you place your screw or nail into a wall boss.

Begin with a Clean Canvas

It is important to check your wall for dirt, residues and scuffs before hanging up your poster. This ensures there is nothing that will inhibit your adhesive material. You can wipe down your painted wall with a soft damp sponge to get rid of these residues. Rubbing alcohol may also get rid of the sticky residues.

Golden Rule

To ensure maximum visual experience and comfort of your audience it is better to arrange your poster at the centre and at eye level. 

Framing Your Posters

Always keep it simple to avoid overwhelming your audience and losing the awe effect. Avoiding a ‘dormitory’ look is of utmost importance. This can be done with a matte and careful layout arrangement.

A well-chosen frame improves and elevates a poster creating a sense of importance and permanence.  This tips and tricks will help improve the feel of your posters and whole office, or living room an uplift.