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Benefits of Digital Printing Ottawa

When it comes to a printing project one of the most challenging and most important decisions to make is whether or not to go for offset printing or digital printing. The two will have a difference in costs, visual characteristics which define each method and sets it apart from the other.

Digital printing involves printing from a digital based image directly to a number of media. It is usually referred to as professional printing job where small jobs from desktops and PC’s and other several digital sources are printed in large format using high-volume inkjet or laser printers.

Here are some reasons why clients and customers prefer digital printing over offset printing:

  1. Convenient to Small Quantity Orders

The setup for offset printing is widespread, involving the use of plates that assist in transporting ink to the page through a “blanket”. People sometimes choose offset printing for very large commercial volumes that need next to zero changes. Making a small order request from a printing service that only does offset printing may result in exaggerated prices because of the time and specifics for the offset printing process.

  • More Changes are Allowed

Digital printing is a great answer if you have flexible data, such as a situation where it’s necessary to print something different on each and every page. It is not possible with offset printing leaving digital printing providers more convenient as they are more flexible. Digital printing could be the best option if you’d like to print small lots of numerous types of brochures or other materials before making a decisive choice on which one best serves your needs.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

As you must have guessed based on the equipment used for offset printing, digital printing offers a faster turnaround time. However, this may vary for your results as it depends on the printing company’s assignment. Other factors that may affect the turnaround time include whether supplies are immediately available, and other factors, you’ll generally find that the completion time for a digital printing project is shorter than the alternative which is offset printing.

With all these benefits they prove that digital printing is more convenient in saving both time and money when it comes to small quantity prints. Digital marketing is also slowly gaining ground and increasing its market share by the day. Always consult with a professional printing company as they will be in a better position to assess your printing needs and come up with the best solution.