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Begin your customer reward program before the holiday

Customer holiday reward programs is an immense way of showing appreciation to clients just in time for the season. As we all know, repeat customers spend 65% more after their initial purchase. Because of this fact, small businesses should find a way of incorporating a loyalty program into their system of operation, especially during the holidays.

What businesses should do first is to brainstorm on the perfect ideas before designing the card for a campaign. Together, they get geared towards making the customer fulfilled by making sure the gifts get to them.

1. Explain everything in the groundwork in detail

Every loyalty program allows the customer to reach thresholds. Immediately they get to that threshold; a reward is waiting for them. Businesses who have done this before might want to seek out options or have reminders for this:

• Buy Y, get Y Free: This reward program is quite popular only because it is the same thing as telling someone you are giving them a 50% discount. Here you are merely stating that you are giving them money for half the goods if they buy one at full price and get the order for free. Its options can be for the client to buy two or three and get one for free.
• Get a Y% discount on the purchase of Y or more of it.
One has to be business smart when carrying out customer reward programs. This campaign has to get weighted against revenue, stock, and otherwise, to make customers buy more, the discount should be marginal on every specific item bought.

As much as you are focused on trying to get that sale, bear it in mind that many people spent lavishly buying your products during the year. The best way to reward them so that they don’t miss a thing is to collect their contacts like emails and phone numbers where you can keep them abreast of your latest discount and promo.

2. Get a professional to work on your designs

We have all gotten offers from a punch card that states, ” buy nine and get the tenth on your purchase free?”

It is common to find this during your holiday travels. Businesses give out many with exquisite design. How do you stay on top of it all?

Use the best and latest printing technology to print your cards if you don’t have it, partner with a printer that has it. Make sure it is an express delivery for them to be fresh for distribution too.

3. Have lots of options when it comes to style

Not everybody prefers to run it old school with punchy cards and stamps. Some others have a system designed that helps them synchronize laminated cards with their data management. QR Scan codes, magnetic stripes, or even personal accounts are all meant for tracking customers’ expenditures during the season. That way, businesses can break even and still make profits while giving out freebies.

Businesses have to brainstorm on the best possible way to reward loyal customers while taking the time to know if there are other options available.