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The Basic Things You Should Know About Printing Business Cards

You should approach printing for your business cards with some basic knowledge. There are some simple things you need to do in order to get the best results for your cards. We’re going to show what to do.


  • You need to ensure that you refer to your printer manual, so that you know about the loading and feeding recommendations. Find out if your printers have special instructions for loading your business cards.
  • Now, fan the card sheets before you load them into the paper tray. Make sure that you don’t bend the corners of the sheets.
  • If there are any sheets that are damaged or sheets that have bent corners, do not feed them through the printer.
  • If you want to print on both sides, you need to let the design dry completely on the first side.
  • Also, don’t let the printouts stack up in the printer output tray.
  • Make sure to store unused card sheets flat in the original box in a cool, dry area.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly clean your printer on a regular basis.
  • Always refer to the printer manual so that you can refer to the recommended printer settings, to get the best image quality for your business cards.


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