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Avoid These Things When Designing For Print Marketing

Print marketing is a tricky business. Although it is makes it much easier for you to be able to get the word about your business out to a wide range of audience members, it is also something that you have to be careful with when designing. There are a number of things you should know when you are considering designing some print material for your marketing campaign. There are also some mistakes you should ensure that you don’t make when designing as well. We’ll show you what they are, below.


  • Never use your mobile phone or tablet to design your point. Often times, they are not able to produce high resolution artwork for your print, despite the how great your creation may appear on their screen. When you print them out, you’ll realize that they’re blurry and various items may be misplaced.
  • Never use images that you find on social media sites, because they are usually reduced to a lower quality to increase the page loading speed, when they are displayed. Try to get the original file if you want to use it for your print.
  • Never use scans or screen-shots of images, because they often have a very low resolution and they don’t print well either. You may also find that they have incorrect alignment, as well as unwanted elements. You might have to opt for recreating the design.
  • Never use spot colors, because these colors may be unable to be printed or may be converted to CMYK (pigment model). Try to find a corresponding CMYK reference that can convert the color correctly before you print it out.
  • Unless you are completely satisfied with the design of your print, never approve it, especially if you’re having it done online.


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