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Attract More Customers with Storefront Window Graphics

When running your business you likely focus much of your time on the daily operations with a small percentage towards outbound sales and generating new leads or attracting more customers. Perhaps you have a dedicated sales team that can handle this for you and bring in new business. This is a great thing and efforts should continue in this direction although there may be something you are overlooking that can help to drive in a lot of new customers. Take advantage of your retail storefront and put up some eye-catching vinyl window graphics. If you have massive windows and you’re concerned about the amount of light that is coming into your store, there is no need to worry as we can print custom window graphics that are perforated to allow light to easily pass through into your store while making sure that your marketing message and outdoor window signage is visible from a distance.

Our custom printed window graphics are full colour and high quality to prevent fading when in direct sunlight. You can print your promos and specials as well as some visually stunning graphics showing your products and services to draw customers in like a magnet. Another type of product that we have is our static cling vinyl which is removable so you can put up temporary promos or information about services and products for a short period of time and then simply remove the graphic to put in storage until needed again. Having a few of these custom printed static cling window decals makes for great rotational advertising throughout the year. The static cling vinyl is slightly more expensive however the great advantage is that it is removable and reusable for future promotions.

If you have a shop in a high traffic area then you should definitely take advantage of your window signage to maximize your potential at drawing attention from passing by foot traffic. If you don’t have many windows but you have a big wall outside then there are options for you as well and the best thing you could do is print a large format coroplast sign that can be affixed to the wall. Custom printed coroplast signage utilizes printed vinyl on top of the coroplast so you can easily add new vinyl on top if you have to change promos etc. down the road without having to replace the entire sign once it is put up on the wall.

When it comes to outdoor signage for advertising your business in Ottawa, we have years of experience working with hundreds of clients. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss with you some possibilities for your business and marketing to new customers through outdoor signage whether it be on yard signs or vinyl window decals. By the way, even if you have a very large space to cover, we can print up to 100′ of vinyl so any size job is no trouble for our local print shop in Ottawa.