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Amazing Tips for the Most Effective Flyer Design

In a world of online and digital marketing it can be easy to assume that the same principles for the web and digital media apply to offline print marketing. While there are similarities between all forms of marketing, there are some things to consider when designing your print materials to maximize the conversions you receive to ultimately generate more sales.

With online marketing you have the advantage of displaying small amounts of information with calls-to-action that allow users to easily access (via click for example) more information such as your contact details or a web form they can submit to contact you. With offline print advertising, you are not afforded this luxury and you would possibly be surprised at the amount of designs we see come into our print shop that are poorly designed and do not contain all the correct contact information. You have to keep in mind that not everyone uses the internet for all queries and that some demographics prefer to talk on the phone. Directing customers to the web on all of your print marketing is important however you should be sure to include an address and phone number to be sure to capture all audiences. Some customers prefer to stop in to your location in person and others prefer the phone. If you only provide a website link then you are missing out on these demographics and your conversion rates will be a lot less than they could be if you had all of your contact information present.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems we have seen with the print designs that arrive in our inbox. Our goal as Ottawa’s top printer and commercial printing shop is to see all of our clients succeed in their businesses and print material is very effective for marketing if it is done correctly. So to help you with your marketing designs for your printed flyers, brochures, signage or other materials, here are some helpful tips:

Make it Easy to Read

It is important to make your text easy to read. That font you love soo much may not be very effective in the real world. Clear fonts may be more “boring” but they are very easy to read for all ages and visual capabilities (some of your customers may have poor eye-sight) and also they are easier to read at a distance or an angle. Imagine reading something upside down. If it is clear to read upside down then you have done it correctly because this will capture the attention of your customers regardless of the orientation of your printed item or the distance. So ditch the cool new fancy font you are fan of and instead opt for a more traditional and plain font that will make your marketing message clear and visible to grab attention.

Missing Contact Information

What is the goal of your print marketing materials? To get customers to contact you right? Well then make it easy for them. This should be pretty self-explanatory but often we find clients have received poorly designed marketing materials from their designer. It is crucial to plaster your web address, phone number, physical address, and even QR codes on your flyers to make sure that it is easy for customers to contact you.

Make Your Message Sell

The goal of your flyer or brochure or postcard etc. should be to sell. This isn’t the case if it is just a notice sent by the city that electricity bills are going up but rather this is marketing your product and every interaction you have with customers should be to sell them something. It can be subtle or very blatant but ultimately you need to make sure it’s clear. Here is what we offer and here is what’s in it for you as the customer. The more clear and concise your message the more effective it will be and that will ultimately drive up your sales.

Check Your Spelling & Grammar

It is absolutely crucial to check your spelling and grammar. This is the image of your company. If you sound unprofessional or didn’t pay enough attention to a typo then it leaves the customer with the impression you do not pay attention to the details of your business and are more likely to treat them poorly or provide poor service – even if by accident. It is not the printer’s job to check your spelling. We print what you send. If you have us design it that is slightly different although in most cases we just copy and paste your info as this is your business and we take the text from you. ALWAYS make sure to check your spelling and grammar to put your best foot forward for your business. Once it’s printed then it’s printed. There is no undo button for printed items.

Avoid the Clutter

it is important to maintain focus with your marketing materials. Do not overclutter your marketing materials. While you may want to make sure that the customer has every piece of information, this can actually have the opposite affect and lead to information overload. It is better to have one to three main focuses for print material. Offer #1, Offer #2, contact details. Having too many offers can be confusing for customers and there will be no clear path for them to take so they will do nothing. If you give customers a clear path and tell them to go down it then most of the time they will (if the offer is good of course).

Take advantage of the offline and online marketing mix and provide concise and clear marketing messages that prompt a customer to take action down that path for more information. For example showing an offer with a “see online for details” or “call us now for details on the offer” then people are more likely to take action to get the second part.

Hopefully these tips will be employed by your business and your next flyer will be a turning point for your print marketing success. We are here to help if you need some design work or suggestions and as always have a great year and happy marketing!