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Advantages of Printed Advertisements

There is always plenty of talk about online marketing and online ads and online this and that. What about the offline marketing and ads? What about the value of printer material for marketing? We should not underestimate the importance of it, nor should we forget the value of it in respect to the success of our marketing campaigns.

We bet you didn’t know that “advertising campaigns combining printed direct mail collateral with internet advertising achieve up to a 25% higher response rate than an internet-only campaign”. This article is aimed at showing you some of the advantages of printed advertisements. Read them below.

  • Print is profound: Printed content is much more tangible than content that is online. Think about it – you would be much more likely to pay attention to an interview that you see printed in an article, than an interview which you see in a blog online. It doesn’t matter if the printed material is editorial or promotional. What matters is the fact that it is perceived as much more tangible that online material.
  • “Influencers” are won over by print: Influencers are members of your audience who work to win over other audience members for your company. Even they are more likely to be moved by content that they find in printed form rather than online. It has been reported that 61% of them were influenced by magazines and 53% of them were influenced by newspapers.
  • Print keeps you focused: People are reading printed material are actually more focused on that material than people who are reading materials online. For example, if you’re reading a magazine, you’re only doing that at the moment, but if you’re reading an article online, you might also be checking your Facebook or reading another article in a different tab.
  • People tend to disconnect from their devices: This doesn’t mean permanently, but more folks are choosing to take time off from their devices and from the internet for various different reasons. That’s the time when they are very likely to pick up a printed article and read it.
  • Ad buyers get more flexibility and personal attention: With print, you can tailor the ad you want to have, to fit your budget. You also have the ability to specify things like where you want your article to appear in a newspaper or magazine. For instance, you may have a new electronic gadget to advertise and you can simply arrange for it to be put in the magazine or newspaper’s technology section.

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