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Add Interactivity to Your Print Marketing with QR Codes

In the marketing world the goal is to get your customers to engage with your business. When it comes to print marketing you will get the best results by keeping your message simple, clear and your design free from clutter. You don’t want to overwhelm customers with a ton of information on your custom printed flyers and postcards. So how do you provide customers with more information and make your print marketing materials more interactive? This is where QR codes come into play. QR codes made their debut with Toyota for tracking the vehicles during the manufacturing process. From this point they gained popularity for their ability to store information that can be scanned with a smart phone to do something such as open a website link or transmit vital information etc.

What do these QR codes look like?

You have likely seen QR codes before and if you are not familliar with what they look like then here is a visual:

You can use QR codes in your printed marketing materials to direct customers to your website or to an online form to collect information about your new lead or to have them perform other tasks such as booking an appointment. The interactivity transforms your plain, static print materials into a customer-engaging marketing tool. Virtually all of your customers will have a smart phone and a QR code scanning app so they can easily scan the code. Take advantage of this technology and harness the power of QR codes with your marketing. It should be noted that there are many alternatives out there instead of QR codes but QR codes definitely have their place and they are very easy to generate.There are hundreds of free online QR code generators where you simply put in the web URL address you want to use and click generate. The page will reload and voila there is your new QR code for use in your custom printed designs.

QR codes can really help to prompt customer action from your print materials and help to declutter your design by replacing long web address and other information with small QR codes instead. One thing to keep in mind when designing your customer print materials is to make sure the QR code is visible and clear to ensure that it scans properly. Then do a test print on your home printer prior to sending to our Ottawa printing shop to ensure that it scans correctly. When printing your next batch of business cards, you should consider having your business card design updated to include a QR code allowing people to quickly scan the code to access your website and more.

To get started with integrating QR codes into your print marketing materials, check out these free QR code generators:


When it comes to getting some flyers or business cards printed, we can help you with the design and even generate QR codes for you to incorporate with your printed items. To discuss some of the QR code possibilities for your company, give us a call or send us an email and one of our printing experts will be glad to help you out.

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