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A Popup Banner Stand is the Perfect Silent Salesperson

Without sales your business is not going to last very long and while sales staff are the glue that holds your company together, in some circumstances your sales opportunities are limited to the number of people your sales force can talk to at the same time. For example, at trade shows where you have hundreds of people passing by your exhibit space, you are only able to speak to a handful of them while the rest glance at some signage or literature and keep on moving. This is the ideal opportunity to present your perfectly crafted sales pitch with a custom printed pull up banner stand.

Brochures and takeaways are equally important but for a message that stands out in a major way nothing beats a printed popup banner. Another great advantage of a custom pullup banner stand is that the entire banner and stand fold into a small carry case that you can take with you from show to show and conference to conference. They are made out of durable vinyl designed for indoor use to last many years and when retracted in the stand they are virtually indestructible with the metal case to protect the banner. When erect, the pull up banner stands a stunning 81 inches high and 33 inches wide giving you ample room to display your marketing message in vivid colour.

Furthermore, custom printed pullup banners in Ottawa are great in your store front to work alongside your point-of-sale to provide visuals and explanations of your upsells and other store offerings. If you have a tradeshow approaching or if you are looking for some additional signage for your retail storefront in Ottawa then give us a call or get a free estimate on a custom printed popup banner and stand today. We can even help you design the perfect pull up banner to make your marketing message stick and generate more sales.

With pullup banners the design is crucial to the success of the marketing materials. Unlike brochures where you will want to pack as much text as possible into the design to give a lot of information, pullup banners are best used to focus on one specific marketing message or call-to-action for best results. It is also advisable to put all of your contact info including your website and maybe even a QR code so that people can scan the code from a distance to visit a special promotion page etc.

Take advantage of the large printable area of your custom pullup banner and design something that has some really nice graphics with a simple and concise marketing message or call to action that will generate sales and become your newest customer magnet.