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7 Things to Avoid in Marketing

The seven sins are not uncommon to anyone, sloth, pride and envy are at the very top of the list. Well here are the seven sins of marketing. The question is your company guilty? Here are some tips to check if your business is on track:

  1. Marketing is Equal to Advertising

It goes without saying that marketing is greater than just advertising. Marketing may be viewed as an umbrella with a bunch of spokes which can be named as, product development, research, pricing, targeting, distribution and finally advertising. Lack of understanding of these strategies all your marketing efforts and money spent on advertising will not be spent effectively.

  1. Lack of a Target Market

The shortcoming of most businesses is having the “everyone will purchase our product” mentality. There is no organization with enough resources to reach all types of markets. Targeting gives your business laser focus to offer the largest number of customers your best products.

  1. Poor Positioning of Your Services

Qualities like speed, quality and speed are some of the important attributes your clients will use to define your services or products. Positioning is one of the largest influences on purchase decisions. Perfect positioning begins in understanding what your target clients need and want and giving them reasons for buying your products or service.

  1. Lack of Integration in Communication

A company develops a lack of consistency when they treat communication elements as differentiated entities.  Marketing is a process and your company and business need an integrated communication campaign that will run effectively.

  1. Designing Your Personal Marketing Communications

Most companies think that taking a do it yourself approach will save them a dime. However, this leads to confused messages that missed the required outcome and graphical elements that were misplaced. Using a copywriter, graphic designer and market consultant will ensure this does not happen otherwise your business should consider an outsider.

  1. Lack of Patience

The most common mistake made by companies and business is expecting marketing to work immediately after execution. The best marketing communication does not yield results overnight as it has realistic expectations

  1. Missing Written Plan

One of the most unusual yet common mistakes of businesses, companies and organizations is approaching marketing without a written plan and moving forward with only a vague definition of the destination.

These seven sins are what not to do when approaching marketing. These will help you develop the perfect marketing strategy ever for your business.