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7 marketing ideas that will help your small business

Despite the whole fuzz about digital marketing, printed materials still contribute to its share in the market. Print material represents a specific part of promotional materials from your brand to the general audience that is vital for your business.

Print material continues to beat the record in lower budget costs for most organizations. You can get designs on a budget like a double-sided exquisite paper professional signage that captures the essence and distinguishes your brand. Today, lots of printers cover a wide range of graphic design services like logo design, making it easier to make an impression.

Use our tips and suggestion to bolster your small business coming from expert and business owners in the industry.

Printed marketing materials

Business and loyalty cards: Pretty fantastic pieces of paper looking all beautiful. Clients use them to expose your business more to those others in events. ” When I get a hold of your business card, I link your business visually and mentally’ ” said Monica Doss, one of the leading figures at entrepreneur in residence at Wake University. Many chose to keep cards given to them even after getting personal contact. They carry a punch wherever they get used, and they are cost-friendly as well if you hope to build contacts. Try nice loyalty rewards to customers when you get done.

Pro Tip: Double duty your card and make them coated glossy to get a feel of them in your hands

Posters and Banners: Expose graphic format in a large background, showcases your product, and pronounces your business to the market. ” Make sure your banners are formatted printing for any event,” reckons Feagain, an art director of Where Creative.

Brochure and Flyers: These materials are as important as others we have mentioned because they allow small businesses to promote messages about their business to existing and new customers. They can be used digitally to design direct messaging emails. They help us display shows and expo.

Pro Tip: Build trust by sharing your social media handles URLs, reviews from customers, location, and logo in your cards.

Direct Mail: Direct email is a far more effective way to reach customers than digital marketing. People only scan their emails, but would rather read a well-written piece of paper. You can design a brochure or and send it to them as well as flyers. 79% of people interviewed said they would rather read or scan emails than direct mail.

Postcards: Always add a logo to spice up your event in the postcard. Send them during the holidays to loyal customers with great graphics and image of your company.

Branded Envelopes and Letterhead: Letterheads and envelope work hand in the head. The smallest detail matters when things are official. It gives your business a good impression when used on direct mails.

Branded promotional materials

Promotional items: Whatever you are promoting, allow your logo to be there to make it seem official. Engage in a functional promotion like adding your logo to gadgets, moving vehicles, pens, shirts, and more, where they can get seen.

Promotional Apparel: hand bands, items of clothing, that are worn by staff can go a long way in promoting your business. Most people put on branded apparels intentionally to promote their brands.

Pro Tip: There are two sides to printing a T-shirt, though. One is you are afraid your staff, and customers won’t wear it if it’s cheap. They still might not wear it even if it is a bit expensive. And clearly, they are a true reflection of how customers view your business.

Even if you don’t take printed material seriously before, you have an opportunity to do it now instead of relying solely on social media and other means of promotion.