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5 Ways to Increase Referrals

If you think of all the times you spent trying to increase the amount of traffic to your brand or business’ website with hope for converting it from leads to sales. What would you do if you could tap into that group of potential customers and prospects without altering or adding to your budget? This is easily done by the magic called referrals.

Referrals are the least expensive customers but also, they are the easiest to close and convince. But how significant are referrals? Most small businesses gain customers by mostly word of mouth. If you are a small business and are not looking to generate referrals you are losing a lot of revenue. Here are 5 excellent ways to make your current active customers rain referrals for your brand and business:

  • Promise Less but Deliver More

This creates happy and satisfied clients that will not stop talking about you to everyone who dares to give them an ear. If for example, you make a promise to a client to deliver their work in two weeks and take three weeks, it is obvious that the client will be dissatisfied and unhappy. But if you say you will take two weeks and actually complete after two weeks your client will be happy as this was the initial agreement. But what if you said you will take two weeks and deliver a quality service in a week? You will have a raving and happy customer who will not stop talking about you.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is important to understand that the unexpected may happen which may lead to delays. Secondly, when you promise less and deliver more you get a happy and satisfied client who will turn instantaneously into a brand ambassador who will go beyond all means to promote your brand and thus increasing referrals.

  • Be Completely Transparent

Selling to a client what you may think they want may get you a quick sale but will miss you the opportunity to get a referral. If a client has unrealistic expectations it is important to be totally transparent rather than making a quick sale that will negatively affect your referrals.

  • Put Focus on Customer Satisfaction

If you focus on whether the product or service you provide satisfies or solves the problem of your clients, rather than the amount of revenue you generate you will earn your brand some very loyal brand ambassadors in form of customers.

  • Say Thank You More Often

Sending your clients thank you cards always make them feel good and part of the family.

  • Ask

Sometimes it is as easy as that, asking your clients and customers to refer some of their friends and family.

With these 5 tips, you are sure to increase the number of referrals for your brand and business.