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5 Trending Marketing Idea This Year

Whatever result you have had the previous year wouldn’t count for anything as the new year approaches if you don’t update them. We bring to you some trendy ideas that can scale up your business this year

Personalize your communication – From the details provided during the registration survey and other official documentation like a wish list, a profile about each customer can get built. This data will not sit and wait for you all day if you don’t put them to active use. Scrutinize the data adequately and implement an email marketing strategy with knowledge.

An instance, would be using their past shopping history to update them about existing offers, promos, and discounts going on in the house.

Develop other ideas of content marketing

Getting attention from offline and online platforms is superb. But all that should lead towards passing your message across using the contents. Nothing gets set in stone. What was the trending yesterday will definitely change in today’s world?

For example, blogging has always been the real way to put a company’s image across and set them as pacesetters in their industry and location. But the death of your blog will be imminent if you are not investing in SEO. That way, you won’t be coming up on Google search as top brands that offer solutions for what others are seeking.

Keep putting video content out.

We know you can’t stop hearing it, yet, we keep saying it out that video is crucial in the 21st century. It is a prediction that video will be much of the content on display by the end of this year in the US.

If this is your first time doing this, you probably have had or know how to make videos. It is as easy as rhymes. Videos give you the broadcast and record at the same time. With great content, your video could help millions of fans all over the internet. Live events, shows, documentaries now stream via social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and much more. Social media is powerful because it is free and limitless, so are your fans and prospects.

Put money aside for snack ads.

A short ad is always known to capture the attention of their audience within the first ten seconds. Anything longer than that before the main video begins is an overkill — a situation where there are 10-20 ads of 60 seconds each that would be boring to the visitor.

The holy grail is capturing the attention of your audience in the shortest possible time. The quicker the video, the better.

5 Is your mobile experience worthwhile?

Your mobile experience is meant to carry the same from the main site. But for some reason, it might not be so.

Always check the audio and videos you make sure they are in line with what your site is all about. Use a great font and seek advice from users of your site about their experience. If you can do it, employ someone that can.