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5 Steps to Creating an Excellent Catalogue

Catalogues have come a long way since their inception. They now come in a range of styles and sizes, and play in integral role in a business’ omnichannel marketing strategy. They help provide customers with a seamless experience through all available purchasing channels.

Catalogues provide a cost-effective method for getting a large amount of information to your customers in an attention-grabbing, physical format. They have great resilience in the hands and homes of customers who read and turn to them for ordering and browsing. Options can range from brochures, to saddle stitched, coil bound, and square back bindings.

Here are five key steps to producing a catalogue that will increase sales:

1. Determine your Audience
Being aware of your audience is the first step to creating a sound marketing strategy and a successful catalogue. Customer information and insights should go before you make your decisions on whom you will send, what you will feature, and what you will say. Provide your customers with a product that makes their life easier and more informed, and they will utilize it.

2. Select Products or Services
Once you have identified your target market, take the time to analyse your selling strategy in great detail. Make note of your big sellers, so-so sellers and the fiascos. Review your additional marketing-channel sales to pin down the items that will resonate best with a wide variety of customers. Progressions in digital printing now allow for variable data that can give you the ability to personalize catalogues for specific customers or projections.

3. Create your Layout
Think about presenting your catalogue in a way that strategically positions products to maximize exposure. Marketing is important to guarantee not all products are weighted equally. Customers need to know what is innovative and stimulating, so guide them.

4. Craft a Support Strategy
A catalogue is not a stand-alone initiative. It is one tool in a multi-channel approach. Use catalogues to direct traffic to your website or social media pages. You can also make use of direct mail and postcards to follow through with information about upcoming sales, events, or services. Omni-channel marketing provides customers with a seamless brand experience through all the available purchasing channels.

5. Analyse and Assess
Analysing the performance of your catalogue is a significant part of refining and finalizing your strategy. You can gain insights that will not only help your sales strategy, but also your product or service offerings. Pay keen attention to what sold well and what did not to understand page conversion. If you had any detailed offers or calls to action, make sure that you have a method to measure those results as well. Tune and tweak until you design a winning strategy.

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