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5 Reasons Why Business Cards are Still Relevant

Everything done in business today is digital – signing contracts, sending memos, attending conferences, even networking. The business card is one of the things that digitisation will not fully replace in the near future.

The following are five reasons why “old-school” business cards are still vital -and why you should keep a pocket full of them whenever you leave the office.

Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal

Networking is about making authentic and longstanding connections. Although sending contact information through text or email then and there is convenient, it is also tremendously impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and conversation begins real relationships. 

Individuals with their heads down in their phones will not create any noteworthy memory of the encounter. The information can be easily transferred from a business card to your mobile device after the conversation.

They are the most effective direct marketing tools

Search engine optimization, email marketing, and paid media all do an excellent job of attracting leads and proposals, but they are not as effective as a face to face meeting closed off with a handshake and a business card exchange.

You may encounter potential leads or contacts at any time – industry conferences, tradeshows, airport lounges, happy hour – and equipping yourself with business cards always will guarantee that you never miss a chance to make a valuable connection

A business card is the first impression of your brand

Whenever you meet someone that could potentially be a great connection, your main goal should be to have him or her to walk away with an extraordinary first impression? An unforgettable business card does a bit more than just convey an email address or phone number.

When you make a connection via your business card you do not want your brand to be associated with the word cheap. A retail store attempting to make a great first impression would not create a storefront sign with a section of cardboard and a Sharpie marker. You must have that same mentality when it comes to your business cards.

Creative business cards get shared

Your business card is a tangible object that a probable prospect leaves the encounter with. Your brand remains with them.

If you meet a prospect and exchange contact information, both of you walk away with another contact on your mobile phone and it most likely ends there. You should carry creative business cards that make a big impression. The people you share it with are likely to show it to someone else, and therefore put you and your brand out for additional prospects.

Business cards show you are prepared

You may have come across an occasion where someone wrote his or her contact information on a napkin and handed it over to you. Or met someone that had a mobile phone with a dead battery. It is not the most proficient approach.

Consider the idea that you met two individuals, one was fussing to find a pen and something to write on and the other person simply swiped out a business card, who would you prefer to do business with? Showing that you are prepared always is an excellent indicator that you are professional.

Conversations can still end with, “Let me give you my business card,” so have yours ready.

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