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5 Best Print marketing ideas to always love

In the digital world we currently live in, people tend to downplay print media as a useful marketing tool. However, as much you want to forget print media, here are a few things you can love about it.

5 of the best marketing ideas you would love

Birthday cards

The act of communicating to a client on their birthday or month goes a long way to show:

• It recognizes the customer
• It promotes your business beyond its current environment
• It expands your sale outreach as well (send them a coupon)
• It helps you keep your data in check

Instead of sending them random messages with regular cards, write something inspiring and funny for a change and send it to them. Put your logo and image somewhere by the side.

Personalize the content of the address, signature, and message in the card if you can. It gives a human touch to it.

Branded items

Branded items work very well for promotions, but make sure you are getting sales in return. Torchlights, chargers, lamps are materials, but here is what you should do.

• The items should clearly state that they are yours, to begin with.
• Please take note of the functionality of the product before using them.
• Substantial items that take up much storage space are the best
• Understand your best customers deserve than your regular clients. Do not misplace them.

Covered postcards

Be inventive with your creation and make them stand out when you make a postcard. Put QR codes, and scratch pin section to entice the customer.

If it is a local market that you are targeting, set up a photo of the famous places people hangout and promote them.

Free Samples

Free samples work all the time, especially if it is a new product. Try enticing them with a coupon if they find the sample appealing. Make it add some weight so they can quickly open it.


Probably the best print idea to use in the 21st century.

It gets the rap as the most effective for a reason. Because it is a functional tool, it can take your company names and flyer. Place a call to action somewhere near it. Alternatively, put your company image in between.