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3 tips on highly successful customer marketing

Every customer has a journey we are all familiar with it. To keep them successful, we understand its importance. The next topic to familiarize with would-be customer success marketing. How much effect do we have on it and what is there to know?

We will cover all that and more on this blog including how it fits our marketing plan

Let’s define customer success marketing.

Long before digital marketing became a thing, and technology became the order of the day. Well to do business relied majorly on word-of-mouth-marketing (WOMM). With it came to persuasive marketing to lure customers in buying and promoting their product. It can take adding a few benefits, but the best strategy is when WOMM works for you with no bonus.

Many believe George Silverman is the father of WOMM. A psychologist that one’s formed a group called The ”teleconferenced peer” influence groups back in the 70s. He found that skepticism changed when one or two doctors spoke well about a drug in the group. His strategy got widely accepted that even past skeptics had a change of heart using the drug.

Customer success marketing is just like WOMM because it is often called consumer, retention, and advocate marketing. Customer success marketing is the division of product, market, and customer service. The experience of servicing a client shouldn’t stop after a sale gets made. According to studies, it cost more to bring new clients to the table than it is to keep one. The question is, are our customers better off using our product? Is your content filled with success stories others can learn from as prospects? Is the data we have from successful customers helping our marketing effort? These are crucial to creating a good team spirit.

Customer success marketing and how it suits every organization

As more companies use the B2B arena and SaaS industry, to fuel successful stories, they are referred sometimes as CS Ops. People using them are quite familiar with how it works because success goes together with their customers. Upper-level management is highly dependent on the CS Ops team to move content to customers who are represented by a large chunk of data usage and metrics.

The CS Ops teams are performance-driven based on available metrics. The transformative power echoed by Lincoln Murphy is starting to find a way through to SaaS and tech companies. The reason is not farfetched; the success of customers and companies are intertwined. They can move from stale to active using CS Ops team for the company businesses to boost more reviews.

The following step

If your company is lagging in the CS team department, make it a priority to get one. You might also need to research and implement widely known customer’s solutions as the company move into organizational -level tactical CS strategy.

If you already have a such a team, will it be better if you collaborate to carry out functions? Intertwine the product and marketing department to work with the CS Ops in coming up with content is driven success stories that can drive the company forward. Whether the company aligns toward customer’s retention, expansion, or advocacy, much will be expected with the type of investment coming in. Success here can fuel the growth of your business using your customers.